Case Study


What was the challenge?
Keith Scobey Youngs is an horologist – a clock maker. He’s worked on the world’s most famous clocks – he just fixed Big Ben! He knows just how important maintaining eyesight is to running your own business
Hailing originally from Gloucestershire, Keith moved to Cumbria via Birmingham and London before settling in the pretty village of Stainton in 1990. He first went to see Mr Ainsworth as he needed an eye expert he could trust and would be with him for the long haul.

Keith’s eye trouble runs in the family so to speak. He suffers from Retinitis pigmentosa and cataract macula oedema and has been under care since the age of 11. In the interim years, Keith has learnt just how important it is that your healthcare provider offers you an innate sense of confidence and just as importantly, has a good sense of humour.

In Keith’s own words “Ged is by far the best I’ve ever met.”

Case Study – Keith Scobie Youngs

“Mr Ainsworth and the team at Lakeland Vision have been brilliant. They have given me a new lease of life.”

What was the solution?
He’s quite sanguine. “Well there’s not an awful lot you can do about it. It’s a genetic condition that is incurable. However to have someone like Ged quite literally on hand, make a massive difference psychologically.

I only got to know Ged 5 years ago and quite frankly, I wish it had been sooner.”

Following a cataract operation under another consultant, Keith ended up with a cataract oedema which Ged subsequently treated and continues to help with the management of.

What was the outcome? 
Into the future, Ged has outlined various possible procedures that may become appropriate, but for the time being, Keith is very clear. “‘I’m a confident partially-sighted man – and that is no small way thanks to Ged. He’s been beside me over the last 5 years and I know that I can ring him whenever. I would never not work  – it’ just not in me – but to have the support of someone like Ged helps immeasurably.

What did that mean to you?
Ged is just a brilliant personality – I feel he’ll just tell me the way it is. He understands that I’m the type of person  that likes to hear things straight. However I also get the impression that if a patient would react better to a different approach, Ged would have another way of communicating with them – he’s a real people person and I feel lucky to have him in my corner.

How we can help you

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