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Jaye Adams is an award winning Lake District Wedding Photographer from Cockermouth in Cumbria. Jaye offers a wedding photographer and elopement photography service. Needless to say, good eye sight is key to Jaye’s profession.

What was the challenge?
Having worn contact lenses for 15 years or so, I was getting increasingly dry eyes. When you’re photographing a big wedding you can be on your feet for up to 12 hours, sometimes longer, and after around 8 hours dry contact lenses made it difficult to see. I could trust my camera to focus correctly but not my eyes which isn’t ideal in my profession. Personally, I never been able use a camera when wearing glasses and so I’d reached a point where I had to do something. That was when my opticians referred me to Mr Ainsworth.

What was the solution?
At my initial consultation, Mr Ainsworth discussed the options with me. Fortunately, I was suitable for both laser and lens replacement surgery. After some thought we opted for lens replacement with a multifocal lens. I chose this over single vision laser as while it was a compromise it was a better compromise for me – a balance between near and far vision. I knew I’d lose a bit of my near sight but it was important to have distance as well because I spend my life looking up and down from a view finder to objects at a distance.

Case Study – Jaye Peg

“For Mr Ainsworth, patients come above all else. He’s held my hand the whole way through – he was there every step of the way and I’m just so very grateful.”

This procedure came with both advantages and disadvantages.

One of the main advantages was the artificial lens itself. I feel that now my eyesight more accurately duplicates a camera lens and how the camera sees a subject in a certain scene. I am already seeing how that translates to a finished product. It’s clearer somehow. As your lens’ age, they yellow but the artificial lens is very clear, well colourless, and this has restored a clarity I hadn’t noticed I’d lost.

In terms of disadvantages – in daylight my eyesight is amazing – when it’s darker things are slightly dimmer. Driving at night can be tricky – e.g. light glare and halos from car lights for example, but it’s amazing how my eyes have adapted and those disadvantages are becoming less and less problematic over time.

What was the outcome?
The surgery was at the end of 2021 and at my follow up in early Jan, I had some blurred vision. Mr Ainsworth assessed that my eyes needed some laser correction to tweak my prescription. Once the lens implants had settled, I saw him again for the LASER correction to perfect my vision. I must say that out of the two procedures, the recovery from the laser was the trickier. Within 5-6 weeks I unfortunately had an inflammation to the cornea (outer part of the eye), which Mr Ainsworth diagnosed as extremely rare Transient Light syndrome. This is where you become hyper sensitive to light to the extent that it is intolerable. Unfortunately for me, this happened in the middle of a wedding!

Mr Ainsworth had always said to call whenever – so I did. True to his word, he spoke to me later that Friday afternoon, saw me in clinic on the Monday and gave me an intense course of anti-inflammatory eye drops. He was literally and figuratively there every step of the way.

What did that mean to you?
The support has been incredible. Even when he felt I was at a place where I could be discharged I asked to stay on his list for a further 6 months, just so I had continued support a little longer. Nothing was ever a problem for him. To put your trust in someone to helpfully change your eyesight for the better is a huge deal.
I had had consultations at other places, but Ged’s manner was so reassuring along with the fact that he’s based in Cumbria, closer to home and so I know I can get hold of him. I really appreciate the personal process – the continuity – knowing that when you’re talking to him it’s him that’s operating on you. I really appreciated his openness and honesty, the fact that he didn’t promise the earth and managed my expectations.

For Mr Ainsworth, patients come above all else. He’s held my hand the whole way through – he was there every step of the way and I’m just so very grateful.

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