Case Study


What was the challenge?
In Summer 2022, I was to referred to Ged by Penrith Hospital having been diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes. The glaucoma drops I’d been prescribed was not relieving the pressure in my eyes and therefore further specialist care was required. The appointment came through in a matter of weeks and the following surgery was arranged extremely quickly and at my convenience which was just brilliant

Glaucoma affects my peripheral vision and if it goes untreated it can result in loss of vision. There are very little to no symptoms and can affect vision before you know it.

What was the solution?
Ged performed a trabeculectomy which is basically an operation that drains the liquid at the back of the eye to get the pressure down to a manageable and safe level. It was day surgery, done with me awake with but local anaesthetic. Recovery took around a month.

Case Study Barbara Gilbertson

“Ged’s bedside manner is absolutely unbelievable – he’s so kind and caring”

After the surgery I couldn’t see very well out of the eye that had been treated initially but it did recover over time. I needed a little bit of care for a short period, I couldn’t get my eye wet for a week so presented challenges around washing hair etc I couldn’t drive for up to a month, no heavy lifting. I had some pain in my eye but I contacted Ged and the team and they responded within hours by changing my prescription. Other than that there were absolutely no side effects.

What was the outcome?

The surgery was a complete success in that the pressure in my eye is now down to normal levels. I was so pleased with the outcome thet I was very happy to have my other eye operated on and that’s scheduled for early 2023.

What did that mean to you?
Ged’s care and treatment has meant that I can retain my independence and continue to work as a busy violin, voice and piano teacher. He has really helped my confidence – I’m no longer scared that I won’t be able to see, quite frankly it feels like a new lease of life. His bedside manner is absolutely unbelievable – he’s so kind and caring – to the point where he even asked me if Classic FM would be my radio station of choice while having the procedure. So I ended up listening to Moonlight Sonata during surgery – that definitely took the edge off it. I can’t just can’t recommend Ged and the team highly enough.

How we can help you

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